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Women in Recovery
Women in Recovery – Finding Hope

Tens of millions of women today drink to excess and their numbers are growing. Now, Dr. Kitty Harris, an experienced counselor and therapist, who is herself a recovering alcoholic with more than thirty years of sobriety, presents a new model for recovery that focuses on treating the pain in women’s lives that can lead to a vicious cycle of addiction—not on the shame that fuels it. Combining her personal and professional experience, Dr. Harris offers tools that can help women who want to recover, as well as friends or family members who are seeking help for a loved one.

Leaky Gut
Heal Your Leaky Gut

Our gastrointestinal system (gut) is designed to absorb nutrients that support our bodies and help us make energy, and get rid of things that we don’t need or are toxic. But what happens when the system breaks down? Leaky gut syndrome (LGS) occurs when the lining of the small intestine is damaged, allowing foreign compounds to escape into your bloodstream, which weakens your immune system and triggers autoimmune reactions. Many traditional physicians don’t understand what LGS is–much less how to diagnose and treat it. In fact, it is estimated that more than 80 percent of people with chronic illnesses have leaky gut.

Date Like A Man
Date Like A Man

DATE LIKE A MAN by dating coach Myreah Moore and relationship writer Jodie Gould, reveals the dating secrets from men (date to have fun, not to find a spouse), and shows single women everywhere how to use them to increase their chances of finding a soulmate. Do you get depressed every time a date turns out to be a dud? Do you constantly check your dates out for marriage potential?

Beautiful Brain
Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You

BEAUTIFUL BRAIN, BEAUTIFUL YOU is for anyone who suffers from “Bad Brain Days.” Written with Harvard neurologist Marie Pasinski, MD, this 7-step guide offers you simple lifestyle advice that has been scientifically proven to help you look younger and healthier from head to toe without a trip to the cosmetic counter or plastic surgeon. Dr. Pasinski and Jodie Gould show you how to tap into your brain’s remarkable ability to change and redesign itself, giving you better mental clarity, as well as more energy and confidence.

Women in Health
Women And Health

Jodie has written about health and fitness for such publications as Women’s Day, American Health, and Health Monitor. Her book “Lose Your Mummy Tummy” helped super model Elle Macpherson lose her postpartum belly after pregnancy.

High: 6 Principles for Guilt-free Pleasure and Escape

All creatures naturally seek pleasure and avoid pain. People (and animals) often crave something more–to feel high. For millions of years, humans have used alcohol and other drugs, elephants have sought out fermented fruit, and cats have rolled ecstatically in catnip. But we have also found highs without mood-altering substances, through the joy of natural activities such as play, creative expression, and bonding with friends and family.

Women in Recovery
The Husband Whisperer

First there was the Horse Whisperer. Then came the Baby Whisperer, then the Dog Whisperer. Seeing all these whisperers tapping into their extrasensory ability to bond with less communicative creatures, I began to wonder if I could do something similar with my husband.

Could delving into his psyche help strengthen our relationship? Or, on a more pragmatic level, could I get him to do what I want without nagging, yelling or being passive-aggressive?

Jodie Gould is an award-winning writer/author who specializes in health & wellness, relationships, popular culture, self-help and travel. Her articles and books been read by millions, and she has been on national TV, syndicated radio and podcasts, including Oprah, ABC World News, CNN, E!, NPR and iHeartRadio. Her articles have been published in such national magazines and blogs as Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Elle, DuJour,, AARP, Brazen Woman and Courage to Change. You can contact her directly about her writing, ghostwriting, editing, and book coaching services, or through the Linda Konner Literary Agency.

Online articles include the Huffington Post,,, TripAdvisor, and

Jodie Gould has written and collaborated on numerous books. Topics include health, fitness, relationships, self-help and popular cultu

Books and Magazines
Jodie’s articles have appeared in such publications as Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Redbook, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Newsday, The New York Times Syndicate and many others.

Howard Stern


Conscious Living magazine

About HIGH: Required reading…

Elle Macpherson, supermodel

About LOSE YOUR MUMMY TUMMY: By doing the Tupler Technique exercises every day, your Mummy Tummy goes away, and that aching back will disappear as well.

Stephen R. Covey, bestselling author, The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People

About CHANGE ONE THING: Keeping your self-image fresh in this global economy is essential to your business, body and spirit. This superb book gives excellent advice to help jump start your engine.

Ro Oches-Scott, NetGalley Reviews

About LEAKY GUT: This is one of the best Leaky Gut reference books that I have ever read. I never knew that a leaky gut could cause acne, skin problems, allergies, achy mustles/joints and more health issues. Dr. Brownstein explains all the tests he requests and why, he shares the diatary questionnaire that he asks patients, he goes into detail about how each organ in your gut works and what its purpose is. And the best part of the book is

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Professor of Surgery, Columbia University, host of “The Dr. Oz Show”

About BEYOND BEAUTUFUL Whether you are having problems with your job, your spouse or your kids, worries are like projections on a movie screen that show up on your face and in your body. The Skin Whisperer Dr. Day has graced our stage many times with her secrets to feeling younger and healthier and moving Beyond Beautiful.

Holly Parker, Harvard Psychologist

If you're looking for a highly experienced, knowledgeable, kind, warm-hearted, funny media coach who will advise and prepare you for the world of radio and television media, look no further. Jodie was professional and personable from the moment I reached out to her. She clearly had done her research before we met, as she was familiar with my website and the press release for my book. Jodie carefully tailored her coaching to my needs and offered me a comprehensive and thoughtful assessment of my strengths and areas for growth. She even helped me correct little errors I didn't know I was making. I feel far more prepared for radio and TV interviews, and I'm truly grateful to her for it. I cannot recommend her more highly!

Homaira Kabir, Women’s Wellbeing and Leadership Coach

"Jodie was far more than an excellent editor for my book proposal. She not only tightened and refined my writing with a keen eye for what publishers look for, she was extremely patient, highly supportive, and always a huge cheerleader (because self-doubt is a writer's constant companion!). It's hard to capture the true experience of working with Jodie in words, except to say that her presence has left a lasting impact that continues to guide me in my approach to writing."

Alexander McEwen, Actor, Author, Motivational Speaker

Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Jodie is sincerely in great hands. I'm a new author working on my first manuscript, and Jodie surpassed my expectations in regard to her editing services. This woman is full of wisdom and knowledge that can help anyone succeed in this area. All of our conversations helped me build up my confidence. I highly recommend Jodie Gould to anyone who has in need of the services. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Pamela Suarez, New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter

Thanks to Jodie's superb editing and expert advice, my book proposal caught the attention of two of the best literary agents in the business. Not only that, she also beat her deadline! Her fees were affordable and she was fun to work with. A total professional.

Sukhi Kaur, Manchester, England

Jodie provided me with excellent help and guidance on the writing and editing process. Using her expertise, she not only gave me free advice, but actually took time out to respond to my questions and provide coaching services. I would definitely recommend her services any aspiring writer!

HIGH – Conscious Living magazine

About HIGH Required reading...

Stephen R. Covey, bestselling author, The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People

About CHANGE ONE THING: Keeping your self-image fresh in this global economy is essential to your business, body and spirit.  This superb book gives excellent advice to help jump start your engine.

Elle Macpherson, supermodel

About LOSE YOUR MUMMY TUMMY By doing the Tupler Technique exercises every day, your Mummy Tummy goes away, and that aching back will disappear as well.

Howard Stern

About DATE LIKE A MAN Brilliant!