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HIGH: 6 Principles for Guilt-Free Pleasure and Escape

High book.designfinal (1)All creatures naturally seek pleasure and avoid pain. People (and animals) often crave something more–to feel high. For millions of years, humans have used alcohol and other drugs, elephants have sought out fermented fruit, and cats have rolled ecstatically in catnip. But we have also found highs without mood-altering substances, through the joy of natural activities such as play, creative expression, and bonding with friends and family.

In this engaging book, award-winning journalist Jodie Gould draws on current research and interviews with experts and everyday people to explore the universal need to feel good. She examines the history of how people have expanded their consciousness and the “biology of the buzz,” including what happens to our brain when we are high and why some people can use drugs with few consequences, while others struggle with addiction. 

At the heart of Jodie’s provocative findings, she identifies six pleasure principles that anyone can use to experience the best and most lasting natural highs. High is your guide to experiencing the greatest high of all: Life itself! 

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