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Read an excerpt from Date Like a Man

    Men Like Fanatasy

    Aside from the ménage à trois, men who seek professional sexual services often request a little role-playing. The reason they go to a pro is because they are afraid that their wives or girlfriends will ridicule their fantasies.

    The most common male fantasies involve sex with strangers (often the lusty next-door neighbor), watching others have sex, two women together, light bondage (either being tied up or tying a woman up), spanking (either giving or receiving) and an array of female characters from cheerleaders, coeds and secretaries to nurses, teachers and French maids.

    You can explore these fantasies by visiting or ordering from  a theatrical costume or sex store. You can also instantly transform yourself into a stranger by getting a variety of wigs in different lengths and hair colors. I know this all sounds like a a lot of work, but i’m just the messenger here. Besides, the upside to pretending to  be a hooker is having him actually pay you for your services (it’s gotta be real, right?). Go out and buy yourself something nice afterward.

    Men Like Women Who Bring on the Noise

    Women love to talk, but for some reason when we get in bed we suddenly get real quiet. In addition to talking dirty, men want to know that you’re enjoying yourself. They can’t read your mind, and they don’t really enough to ask.  So tall tell them, if not in words, then by your moans, groans, and screams for more! It doesn’t hurt to arch your back or thrash around like fish out of water, either.

    Men Know How to Disappear

    Consider it a gift if a guy pulls a disappearing act early in the dating process. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you! He’s just scared. Or maybe he’s dating other women. A guy who disappears for days or weeks at a time without word one, then suddenly calls or texts you when he’s ready to hook up again, doesn’t want or respect you. Honey, he’s not just disappearing on you, he’s dissing you.  Let him go, and for heaven’s sake, don’t call, email or text him. Have some pride. Chasing after a man will just make him run faster. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?Consider 

    Men Have Their Own Holidays

    Holidays are emotional events for women. They are tied to our family histories, past experiences and future expectations. Many men don’t like holidays and see them as just another day on the calendar. They resent being manipulated into buying gifts or spending more money then they normally would to go out to eat.  If you understand this about men, you wnot’ feel so bad when they don’t share your enthusiasm during the holidays.  Don’t choose Valentine’s Day or New Year’s as the litmus test for how much a man cares about you. Most men, if they were to tell you the truth, would say that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday and New Year’s is for amateurs.

    Men have their own holidays. The high holy days for guys are the super Bowl, World Series, NBA playoffs, Stanley Cup, World Cup, heavyweight championships, Master’s, Grand Prix and the Kentucky Derby. I know I left out a few, bu you get the idea. It’s best if you acknowledge these days with the same spiritual reverence that you might reserve for Mother’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

    Men Don’t Talk About Relationships

    In addition to wanting to be in a relationship, women like talking about being in a relationship. This is fine if you’re with your girlfriends who are equally obsessed, but this constant temperature-taking sends men into nervous spasms. You can break yourself of this bad habit by understanding the following:

    • Until you’ve been with a guy for a least four months, you are not yet in a relationship. You are dating!
    • Until you fall in love with a guy and he falls in love with you, you do not have a relationship.
    • Until you’ve been dating him for nearly a year, you are not in love. You can be in lust. You can be infatuated. You can be strongly in like. But love takes time. Love is the diploma at the end of the course. Love is the medal you get after months of training.

    By not constantly talking about your relationship, you will have much more time to enjoy the experience of being together.


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