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Read an excerpt from Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You

    The Beauty/Brain Connection

    “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

    –Sophia Loren, Actress

    In the search for that magic lotion or potion that will make us more beautiful, I’m here to tell you that it’s all in your head. That’s right–your brain is the key to improving every facet of your life. It generates your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions, moods, dreams, and creative ideas. It holds all the memories, experiences and knowledge that ¬†you accumulated since you were born. It interprets every sensation you experience and controls each movement you make. It allows you to learn and to remember, and it ultimately determines whether you live a productive and meaningful life. Your brain is your essence, and it is also the essence of your beauty. By enhancing your mind you can feel more energetic, creative, and alive–all of which makes you more beautiful!

    In my training a Harvard Medical School and neurology practice at Massachusetts General Hospital, I have been fortunate to witness and contemplate the beauty of the human brain. I wrote this book so I could share the empowering knowledge of what you can do to get your brain in peak condition and keep it that way for life. Other brain books will advise you to challenge your brain with puzzles and memory games. While these might be helpful, I encourage you to embark on a wider journey that includes optimizing the lifestyle and health factors that impact your brain function, as well as pursuing adventure and enriching yourself by trying new activities that will challenge and expand your mind.

    Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You is a guide to achieving your personal best brain. By following my seven-step program, you will learn how to reap the benefits of a healthy, active, vibrant mind at any age. With our brain at its best, your ability to think creatively, make wise decisions, and problem solve will improve. Your mind will be focused, your mood high, and your self-confidence boosted. What could by more attractive?

    So how can we tap into the beauty/brain connection? It starts with understanding how our face mirrors the chemical activity going on in your brain. This activity produces microfacial expressions–the tiny involuntary reflections of your thoughts that radiate from within and give you that inner glow, which we will talk more about later. By transforming the workings of your inner mind and altering the way you think, you can change the way you present yourself to the world.



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