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THE OXYGEN CURE: A Complete Guide to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

In the United States, the FDA currently recognizes hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for 14 conditions, but it is used around the world to successfully treat numerous conditions and diseases. In THE OXYGEN CURE, expert William S. Maxfield, MD, will tell you why this vastly underused treatment deserves to take its place among the frontline of American medicine. As a holistic treatment, HBOT works by targeting the underlying cause of the condition, not just the symptoms. THE OXYGEN CURE reveals how hundreds of studies conducted around the world prove that it works on a cellular level to help heal strokes, headaches, PTSD, epilepsy, fibromyaglia, arthritis, MS, chemotherapy side effects, early dementia, cardiac diseases, and brain injuries. 

Excerpt from THE OXYGEN CURE:

“For more than 25 years, I’ve worked as a specialist in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), a medical procedure in which you enter an enclosed body chamber to breathe pure oxygen at air pressure levels that are higher than what we naturally inhale. You do not need a medical degree to understand how HBOT works. Did you know that there is 21 percent oxygen in the air that we breathe? Simply put, HBOT works by having patients breathe 100 percent oxygen in a pressurized, closed environment.The lungs transfer this oxygen to the red blood cells and push oxygen into the bloodstream. HBOT uses oxygen to treat tissue in the body that has been damaged by oxygen deprivation.

What happens next is nothing short of miraculous. By giving our bodies these infusions of oxygen where we need them most (at various levels and frequencies), we can heal wounds and burns, restore lost cognitive function, treat cancer patients suffering from chemotherapy side effects, and, at times, help myriad illness and diseases go into remission. HBOT is a holistic treatment that targets the underlying disease or condition, not just the symptoms. 

My colleagues and I have saved countless fingers, toes, legs and hands from amputation. We’ve helped the bedridden to walk, the mute to talk, the deaf to hear, and the near blind to see. `Hold on a minute,’ you say. `Is Dr. Maxfield a physician or a faith healer? Why should I trust a treatment that hasn’t been entirely embraced by the American Medical Association?’ All I can tell you is that medicine isn’t perfect and it continues to make advances and to evolve. If you are old enough, you might remember a time when smoking cigarettes was not considered hazardous to your health by the surgeon general. And what once seemed more like science fiction than real science (transplants, the polio vaccine, laser surgery) is now taken for granted. The same is the case for HBOT, which, although misunderstood by many in traditional medicine and still the best-kept secret, is rapidly becoming widely accepted as a scientifically proven medical alternative to drug therapy and invasive surgeries.”  

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