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First review from Publishers Weekly for Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You

    Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You: Look Radiant from the Inside Out by Empowering Your Mind

    Marie Pasinski with Jodie Gould, Hyperion/Voice, $15.99 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-4013-4148-0

    With her measured seven-step plan, Harvard neurologist Pasinski connects brain health and beauty for women seeking to age well without plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. The program–which involves setting new goals and trying new activities; taking control of physical health; making exercise a priority; eating brain-enhancing foods–can be implemented as steps or simultaneously, allowing readers of various ages and physical conditions to proceed at their own pace. An advocate of simple lifestyle changes meant to stimulate a trickle-down effect from the brain, Pasinski counsels against such notorious agers as smoking, drinking alcohol and soda, crash dieting, allowing stress levels to spike, and losing sleep, as well as eating meat, watching TV, using Botox, and remaining in bad relationships. Addressing recent research promoting the health benefits of consuming alcohol, caffeine, herbs, and supplements, Pasinski points to their dangers, contending that her diet will provide most readers with optimal nutrition in the right proportions. While Pasinski’s recommendations are conservative, readers will find plenty of creative ideas (e.g., mind-reading exercises, hip-hop dancing, mentoring, investing) to clear their minds, strengthen their bodies, and look and feel younger. (Dec.)

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