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Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You

Putting the finishing touches on my next book, Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You: Look Radiant from the Inside Out By Empowering Your Mind, written with Harvard neurologist Marie Pasinski, MD.  The book will be released by Hyperion in December 2010.

  • Shasha
    Posted at 03:13h, 01 December Reply

    Great class theme, thank you so much! We explored the juenlgs of INDIA, pretending to be yogis discovering the practice itself!I structured it so that we were the smallest of animals, inch-worms, to the largest-elephants! Then we went into the sky, as parrots (like eagles but with flapping mouths/hands) and into the grasses- crouching tiger, and learned the downdog forward jump. Also were LOUD peacocks, making laps around the room!Inchworm: shins on folded blanket they reach out, grip floor, and pull their bodies forward toward hands, hello core connection!) Elephants: make it a game of sucking up yoga water and bathing eachother.Peacocks: hands up low back, spread finger feathers, jhala-dara bandha throat lock and cawwww!This idea lead to so much, creatively speaking. And by the end, they had ALL 5 W’s down!Thanks again,~Laura

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