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HIGH: 6 Principles for Guilt-Free Pleasure and Escape

Explore our universal need to find escape or pleasure, and discover the six pleasure principles that can give you the greatest natural and longest-lasting highs. In this engaging book, award-winning journalist Jodie Gould draws on current research and interviews with experts and everyday people to reveal why and how we pursue this drive to feel good.

Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You

This guide to a better, smarter, younger brain is for anyone who suffers from “Bad Brain Days.” Written with Harvard neurologist Marie Pasinski, MD, this 7-step program offers you simple lifestyle advice that has been scientifically proven to help you look younger and healthier from head to toe without a trip to the cosmetic counter or plastic surgeon.

Find Hope: Women in Recovery

A breakthrough guide for women who struggle with alcoholism based on a groundbreaking new model for recovery that focuses on treating the pain that can lead to a vicious cycle of addiction—not on the shame that fuels it.

Women and Health

Jodie has written about health and fitness for such publications as Woman’s Day, American Health, and Health Monitor. Her book Lose Your Mummy Tummy helped supermodel Elle Macpherson lose her postpartum belly after pregnancy.

The Husband Whisperer

First there was the Horse Whisperer. Then came the Baby Whisperer, followed by the Dog Whisperer. Seeing all these whisperers tapping into their extrasensory ability to bond with less communicative creatures, made me wonder if I could do something similar with my husband. Read how I did this in my Woman’s Day article “The Husband Whisperer.”

Date Like a Man

With more than 85,000 copies sold and translations in five languages, this bestselling dating guide paved the way for other relationship game-changers such as She’s Just Not That Into You and Think Like a Man, Act Like A Lady. Date Like a Man reveals what men know about dating and and women need to find out!

Jodie Gould is an award-winning writer and author specializing in popular culture, health & fitness, relationships, family and travel.  Her articles and books have been read by millions, and she has appeared nationally on TV, radio, blogs and websites, including Oprah, ABC World News, CNN, E! and Showtime.com.  You can contact her directly or through the Linda Konner Literary Agency.

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